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Numix Coffee

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Premium coffee Infused with superfoods to empower your day in a healthy way. Why not level up the habits you already have, we love coffee that has extra benefits. And we think you'll love Numix too!


Slim Boost Ground Coffee

Support your healthy lifestyle with our medium roast coffee, elevated with superfoods designed to tame your appetite and kick-start your metabolism. Embrace the perfect synergy of flavour and functionality as you indulge in each sip. 

Focus Fuel Ground Coffee

Stay alert and focused throughout the day with our medium roast coffee, enhanced with brain-boosting superfoods to unlock your true potential. Indulge in the rich and smooth flavour while supporting your well-being.

Vitality Lift Ground Coffee

Nourish your vitality with our medium roast coffee, crafted with the finest ingredients known for supporting your body’s natural defence mechanisms. Embrace the invigorating flavour that tantalizes your taste buds, while elevating your overall wellness.

The Numix Difference 

Premium coffee blends are made up of high-quality ingredients to serve you the maximum benefits and premium taste you want.

Numix worked with health professionals to select powerful ingredients that can provide the functional benefits you need.

Partnered with facilities and manufacturers using renewable energy and strive towards a more sustainable future.

Highest Standard

Nutrient-rich, all natural & no fillers

Canadian Made

All products are locally made, the company is owned by two sisters in Kamloops, BC. 

Deliciously Healthy

Coffee taste you love with the health benefits you want.