Curious about biohacking? Have you been researching how to get the most out of your body, brain and health?  

If you are into the Biohacking scene, chances are you’ve heard about the services we offer here at The Recovery Spa either from a friend or your favourite podcast. 

Welcome to the Okanagan’s home of biohacking.

Red light or PBM therapy is being talked about more and more so you might have heard a bit about it already. Our NovoTHOR whole body light pod provides clinical level Red Light therapy,  dedicated spectrums of Red and near infrared delivered in very precise amounts is referred to as Photobiomodulation or PBM.

NovoTHOR helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines by increasing natural collagen production, it boosts energy & helps with sleep,  all while reducing oxidative stress, pain and inflammation. This is NOT your tanning salons “red light”! No BS creams or serums needed. The best part is that this whole body treatment only takes 15 minutes! So it fits into any schedule.

Next up, is one for the brain, we all know how important our brain is to optimizing our health and wellness, as it governs all of our systems.  If you follow Ben Greenfield you have likely heard him talk about NuCalm, he refers to NuCalm as the best biohack for stress and sleep. With stress levels at their peak and all the demands we make of our body, NuCalm is becoming a real game-changer for many of our clients.  

In as little as 20 minutes it will move your brain waves into a state of rest, and away from stress. The brain waves are guided into this state using the first and only clinically proven patented technology in the world proven to lower stress and improve sleep without the use of drugs. In 20 minutes you get the equivalent of 2-3 hours of truly restful sleep.  If you are experiencing burnout or exhaustion, this is a must add to your routine to get your energy back and return to a life full of vitality.

Not quite burnt out? you’ll still see benefits from adding NuCalm to your life. NuCalm will help you focus for the rest of the day and reduce the compounding effects of every day stressors. 

You can start with 30 minutes or if that's tough on the schedule the 20 minute power nap was built just for you.  Book in your time now to experience the most advanced neuroscience service available in the comfort of our dedicated NuCalm room.  

Detoxification is a key component of taking control of your own biology. The removal of toxins that build up over time will help reduce inflammation, brain fog and a host of other symptoms.  Sunlighten Saunas started 35 years ago to accomplish just that, and they have created the most effective detoxifying sauna on the market.  And they have done that, while providing the lowest EMF exposure available.  

Our Sunlighten mPulse uses mid, near and far infrared to focus on sweating out toxins vs water.  You will experience a milder sauna session with less sweat with the mPulse until you hit sessions 3 to 5. When you sweat, you will notice it may be sticky, that’s the toxins coming out of your body.  The built in Detox session is how Sunlighten got started but, they have developed 5 other health specific programs to produce focused benefits like anti-aging, weight loss, pain relief and our ever popular Recover.  

Our sauna also delivers chromotherapy, providing even more benefits with specific colours being emitted during your session.  This combined with Acoustic Resonance Therapy, that relaxes the whole body by making you feel the music as the sound waves penetrate your body. Get ready for next level relaxation while you biohack your health. 

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