There is something you need to know about The Recovery Spa.  

Because when you do it will be obvious why we’ve created this business and why we are so passionate about sharing it with more people.

It all goes back to the day Lindsay got the dreaded call “Your husband has been in a motorcycle accident you need to meet him at Kelowna General Hospital.” 

Nothing prepares you for that, I’ll save you the suspense and say Josh was lucky, his bike was written off but he walked away with a bad concussion and a shoulder that was torn out of place.  Originally we thought that was great no surgery, and it seemed minor compared to what could have happened.  

But the truth was we got bad medical advice on how to deal with the concussion and the torn shoulder was something that couldn’t be fixed. So ultimately he was told to take pain meds and in a couple of years the pain should be gone.  

If you have ever had chronic pain or know someone who does, you know that being in pain for a few years and hoping it ends just isn’t okay.  It’s debilitating and impacts how much you can work, and your mood every single day.  It didn’t take long before Josh started researching alternative ways to deal with the concussion and the shoulder pain. 

He found a lot of very promising options, none were in Kelowna, which didn’t surprise him too much. We have family in Vancouver and Calgary so he figured he could go there, but no luck there either.  

Josh ended up finding Cryotherapy which was the first time he could go 24 hours without pain, it seemed so hopeful that there was a chance for him to get relief.  While it helped, it still never eliminated the pain.  

Then one day things changed and Josh realized he was waiting for someone else to start up a business offering the treatments he wanted access to, so he could continue with his recovery. Being an entrepreneur he recognized that these treatments were being used by the top CEOs, and world class athletes, so if they used them to optimize their performance, what could be accomplished if more people had access to them? 

Josh decided that it was time to create what he had been waiting for someone else to do.  And then the research really kicked up to another level to see what health and wellness products helped with pain management AND optimal performance for athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone with big goals in life.  

And after 3 months of research with the aid of a friend who is a research physician and another who is a Librarian and market researcher he had put together The Recovery Spa, on paper. Then he dove into getting funded and finding the space. Less than a year later we opened the doors. 

Our mission is to remove pain from people’s lives, to make it so that you have options other than drugs to remove the chronic pain in your life.  And to do so naturally! 

How healthy we are determines our quality of life, in what we can do, in how we feel and in being present with our friends and family.  It impacts every single aspect of life, so we created The Recovery Spa to help everyone live their healthiest lives.  Because when we are our healthiest it’s when we are living our best lives because we have the energy to do all the things we dream of.  

So if you were wondering why we brought these 4 specific treatments together it is because combined they are a powerful way to optimize your health and reduce your pain.  And yes we use our services regularly.  

We get asked a lot what is the reason behind the space and that is it. It’s a space we believe every single person can benefit from, we have seen the benefits ourselves and in the amazing stories our clients have shared with us.  

The first year with the pandemic might have been a tough one but we would never trade it because of our amazing clients who have brought us to tears many times when they shared how their lives have changed. And at the end of the day that is why we did this, to change people’s lives and to increase the quality of life we all live.