What if you could access the same tools that the NFL, NBA, NHL, Premier League, PGA and more use to perform at their best?  

Kelowna now you can! The Recovery Spa is the first dedicated recovery facility offering these premium recovery technologies in all of Canada.  

When we opened our doors in 2019 we were only the second facility in the country to offer clinical level whole body PBM Therapy (redlight) via our NovoTHOR light pod to the general public. If you include the Toronto Raptors we came in third. 

What does this mean for me, You ask? It gives you access to technologies previously reserved for professional athletes, so you can bounce back faster from injury, stay mentally sharp to be on your best game, and to recover faster between workouts so you can continually push to the next level.  We sat down with Local Olympic hopeful Keefer Joyce and his coach Jeremy Bell to discuss what changed when Keefer started using The Recovery Spa as part of his training routine.    

To sum it up, Keefer was able to go into training each day feeling as if he didn’t even work out the day before, which allowed them to ramp up his training faster with significantly few adjustments to his training plan.  He also didn’t lose a single day in over 12 months to injury. 

If you are looking for what to try first, a favourite among athletes is NovoTHOR. A workout doesn't just stress the target muscle group. It stresses supporting muscles and joints. NovoTHOR treats the entire body all at once, making sure that those supporting muscles get the treatment they need. Allowing you to push your limits.

Studies have shown that short treatments with NovoTHOR allow athletes to generate on average 38% more force than those who received a placebo treatment.  In a study of competitive cyclists they were able to train 19% longer before reaching exhaustion. A third study found 42% less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) when athletes used NovoTHOR post workout. 

Ready to see these effects yourself, you can book in here to try NovoTHOR

Man laying down doing NuCalm

 NuCalm - lose the edginess not your edge

Mindset is a key factor when it comes to high performance in sport.  NuCalm is meditation for those of us that can’t meditate, using complex neuroscience to get your body into a state of recovery,  your body is able to start doing what it does best, heal. It also helps to reduce anxiety and promote mental acuity. The Chicago Blackhawks have called it, “a huge contributing factor” to them winning two Stanley Cups because it allowed the team to be focused and alert but not on edge. 

Give NuCalm a try today.  

Last but certainly not the least one of the most essential tools in any athletes tool kit, Normatec. Chances are you have heard Normatec by Hyperice, or even had the opportunity to try it at an event or trade show.  With our full line up of attachments, hips, legs and arms as well as our capacity to treat 5 people at a time, you can come down with a few teammates after practice to recover and perhaps talk strategy for that next game or race. 

We also carry Hyperice products so come down and try their massage gun, vibrating rollers, travel recovery products and more.  We have samples available to check out in the Spa. 

Come in and try some Normatec post workout by booking in here. 

You can also call and book in 250-258-9496.