Did you know work related stress is one of the top health risks identified by employers? In Canada, 1 in 4 workers reported being highly stressed!

In a fast paced world with high demands on employees can lead to stress. While some stress is good chronic stress leads to decreased productivity, days off, illness and burn out.  

The goal of our corporate wellness program is to help decrease stress in high performance jobs so that your staff can enjoy their work and be more productive. 

The negative impacts of stress are huge: 

    • Reduces productivity & performance
    • Impairs judgement and ability to make decisions
    • Medical research indicates 90% of disease and illness is stress related
    • Compromises the ability to get good restorative sleep

Studies show that the costs of losing an employee and retraining a successor equal up to five times the annual salary for a professional staff member and 120% of the annual salary for a non-professional staff member. These costs are in addition to the premiums paid for workers’ compensation, group health insurance, and downtime.

The good news is there are ways to help naturally reduce the stress someone is experiencing (in just 30 minutes). And when stress is reduced we can increase productivity, decrease absenteeism, decrease employee turnover and decrease costs in employee benefits (as we mentioned most illness is related to stress).

If you are ready to reduce the stress in your employees we'd love to help! Our packages are customizable to any size workplace, for more information email josh@therecoveryspa.ca or fill out this contact form