Nucalm® Stress Reduction Session

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  • Nucalm® Stress Reduction Session

Nucalm® Stress Reduction Session

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Medical research estimates as much as 90% of illness and disease is stress-related.

That is a staggering statistic!  What if there was a natural way to get out of this stressed state and into a relaxed state where your body can heal and repair? 

The patented neuroscience technology in the NuCalm system actually allows your body to do exactly that.  And the more you use it the more it teaches your body to naturally do it on it’s own. 

Small amounts of stress can be a good thing. For instance, back when humans were worried about being chased by a bear, our stress response would kick in and send us into a sympathetic state that would flood our body with hormones to boost the body’s alertness and heart rate and send extra blood to the muscles in our limbs so we could run fast and get away from danger.  Once the bear was gone and we were safe again our body would then relax and shift back into a parasympathetic state.  But nowadays we carry a device in our pockets (our phones) that can constantly put us into a state of stress, not to mention this past year of a pandemic.  We were never meant to live in a stressed state all of the time, it was only meant to be temporary.  

Our current lifestyle demands are full of stress, whether it’s stress from work, finances, family or the physical stress we put on our body when we work out.  If you are like many of our clients, working out seems like it decreases your stress. But while it might make you feel better(by increasing dopamine levels) you are still physically stressing your body.  So what do you do to relax? In our experience, most of us spend little time actively relaxing.  

This is where NuCam comes in. So how does it work? With 3 discrete steps that work together to shift your state.

  1. A biosignal disc goes on your left wrist.  The Disc sends signals to activate your brain’s natural relaxation system by interrupting your adrenaline response. And reducing cortisol (the stress hormone) production.
  2. You put on a sleep mask and get under a weighted blanket. 
  3. You wear a  pair of noise canceling headphones that deliver specific frequencies to slow brain wave function to levels required for optimal relaxation and recovery. Creating a state of parasympathetic nervous system dominance (aka rest and digest).   

After just 30 minutes you will feel the effects. Which include feeling calm, relaxed, focused, energized, present and patient. Rest is when all the hard work from a workout pays off, without it the body cannot grow and repair. NuCalm leaves you feeling calm and relaxed and ready to dive into the next task of the day. 

NuCalm is used by US Military, Navy Seals, Professional Sports Teams, Tony Robbins & more. 

Ready to book your 30 minute session? Scroll to the top of the page and click Book a Time. If you know someone who could benefit from this technology we also have gift cards you can purchase for them.

We also offer 20 minute sessions to rebalance your chakras and reboot your day. 

Or you can go longer with our 50 minute session. 

    We also have Punch Passes

    If you have been in and wanted links to the products we use with our NuCalm experience. Here is what we use for headphones and blankets.

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