Are you looking for natural ways to decrease the fine lines and wrinkles? Are you interested in finding ways to keep your body from showing the signs of aging?

Here at The Recovery Spa we specialize in using cutting edge non-invasive wellness technology to help our bodies naturally rejuvenate and repair.

Our clients often get asked if they have started using botox after just a few sessions with us. Not only do our services have natural anti-aging benefits but also have a lot of other great health benefits as well. 

Our two most loved treatments for increasing natural collagen production are NovoTHOR, our whole body light pod, and our Infrared sauna.  Both use natural spectrums of light to encourage natural collagen production which reduces the look of fine lines,  wrinkles and even scarring. NovoTHOR is also great at helping clear up skin issues like acne and even psoriasis.

Book in for your first NovoTHOR session. It's just 15 minutes so quick and easy to fit into even the busiest of days. 

Our full spectrum Infrared Sauna has a specifically developed and patented program to help with anti-aging.  This 30 minute session helps reduce wrinkles, crow’s feet and improves overall skin tone, softness, elasticity, clarity and firmness.  Care for your skin from the inside out with our Sunlighten Sauna.  Oh, and it’s also amazing at helping to boost your immune system, promoting skin renewal and cell health.  

Book a time to try out our Anti-Aging Sauna Program. 


Now for our most unique anti-aging treatment.  NuCalm is complex neuroscience that is used to decrease the effects of stress in our bodies, and stress is a major contributor to premature aging. Many studies have shown that when you are stressed it can speed up the aging process.

Our NuCalm treatment guides your body and mind into a state of repair, giving you the equivalent of 2-4 hours of restful sleep in just 30 minutes and turning back the effects of stress on your body. If you suffer from poor sleep or just lack enough time to get the sleep you’d like, adding in NuCalm can help with much more than just anti-aging.  

Book your NuCalm session to see how we can help you feel better and look younger. 

If you have any other questions about these services or others give us a call at 250-258-9496 or email You can also stop by and see us, and get a tour of the facility. #3-2936 Pandosy Street.