Nucalm Stress Reduction Punch Pass

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  • Nucalm Stress Reduction Punch Pass

Nucalm Stress Reduction Punch Pass

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Stress adds up. Stress negatively affects your sleep, diet, mood, and energy level, affecting how you look and how you feel. It also impacts your internal organs, systems, and cells, and is the precursor to most diseases. Each of us copes with stress in different ways, but it’s critical to your health to effectively manage it in order to maintain balance in your life.

From now on stress is a choice.

NuCalm technology creates deep relaxation by mimicking patterns recognized by your brain. It works naturally with both channels of communication in the body: biochemical and electrical. NuCalm interrupts the adrenaline response and guides you to a deeply relaxed state – safely, quickly and predictably. It’s not that you won’t feel stress when using NuCalm, it’s that you can’t.

NuCalm’s patented, neuroscience technology is clinically proven to dramatically lower stress and improve sleep quality – without drugs. It gives you the power to slow down and recharge when you need it most – with natural energy. By safely and reliably guiding you to deep relaxation in minutes, NuCalm places your body in its optimal healing state. This allows you to recover and rebuild quickly – to recuperate and rejuvenate.



  • Parents - did we mention 30 minutes in NuCalm is equal to about 4 hours of sleep
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People in a high-stress job
  • Anyone looking to reduce their stress
  • Anyone looking to sleep better
  • Anyone! Let's face it we all have stress in our lives some of us more than others. 


  • Reduced anxiety and stress (by lowering cortisol production)
  • Optimized brain state by faster physical and mental recovery
  • Deeper, more restorative sleep
  • Improved immune function and cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced creativity and focus
  • Regular use of NuCalm will help build stress resilience and prevent burnout.
  • Increased energy
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Decrease blood pressure

This punch pass includes ten/or five 30 minute sessions in NuCalm. Punch passes never expire. If you aren't sure about a punch pass you can do an individual session first to book that click here.

More details on how NuCalm Works. 

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