Do you struggle with chronic pain, or a nagging injury that just doesn’t seem to ever go away?  

There is nothing worse than being in pain every day or watching a loved one struggle.  We’ve been there and it was a big part of why The Recovery Spa was started.  

At The Recovery Spa we want to help you reduce and even eliminate the pain in your life.  We have brought together some of the advanced publicly available health and wellness technologies in the world all to help you live a life with less pain.  

If you experience chronic pain, our whole body light pod, NovoTHOR is where to start.


NovoTHOR uses a technology called Photobiomodulation, it is the only product recommended by the World Health Organization to actually reduce back and neck pain without side effects.  This service is the top of it’s industry and has thousands of studies backing up how it helps with so many different types of pain.  

This treatment only takes 15 minutes, so our clients often find it easy to carve out the time to fit it into their schedules. Most of our clients notice a clear difference in the amount of pain in 1-5 sessions. How many sessions it takes often depends on how many years you’ve been living with the pain and it’s severity.  

Hear from Amanda how she felt trying NovoTHOR after 7 years of chronic pain after a car accident.  

If you are dealing with a recurring injury or lack of mobility in a joint and you’re looking to recover faster, Normatec is a game-changer.

If your pain is tied to injuries NovoTHOR is going to be good for you too, but with some nagging injuries we recommend checking out Normatec Air Compression.  

Normatec can be used on multiple body parts allowing us to target certain areas specifically.  Hip, Leg & Arm attachments were developed to apply specific pressure to areas and increase circulation to promote fresh blood flow and flush toxins that have built up in your limbs by flushing your lymphatic system. 

Not only does it help you recover faster from injuries it also feels amazing.  Clients often leave feeling like they have a new pair of legs, or they notice they have more range of motion almost immediately.  

Watch this video if you’d like to hear from some of our clients about how this treatment has changed their lives.


If you want to book in for Normatec you can do so online here, or give us a call to book in at 250-258-9496.

If you have any other questions about how we can help you decrease the pain in your life or want to talk about your situation specifically and get a recommendation of where to start you can call us at 250-258-9496 or email

A Testimonial from a client who came to see us after trying everything for her pain. 

“The Recovery Spa is what I needed 3 years ago. I have been suffering with feet and knee pain for some time now. At times the pain was so bad I couldn't work or sleep, and by the end of the day cooking dinner was not an option. I couldn't walk in the morning without help from walls or furniture. I am so grateful my daughter introduced me to Josh and Lindsay, the owners of Recovery Spa. By the end of my first week using the NovoTHOR treatment which is a full body infrared light pod I could tell a difference in my day to day activities. I have now been using the NovoTHOR bed for 3 weeks and I couldn't be happier. To me I can't believe it because I have tried EVERYTHING! Thank you so much Josh and Lindsay for your knowledge and kindness and for bringing this service to Kelowna. There is no place in Kelowna you will get this service and walk away without that annoying nagging pain! Thank you Thank you!!”

- Laura W.