Get Ready to Perform with Athlete Afternoon Thursdays

15% Off All Services for Athletes

Athlete Thursdays are the perfect way to increase your performance and recovery faster. Every Thursday from Noon to 7 pm, we are offering a special 15% discount on all of our services. Our services are designed to help you reach your peak performance, so come in on Thursday afternoons and take advantage of this special offer for athletes of all ages.

Increase Performance and Recovery

Infrared Sauna

Our state-of-the-art infrared sauna provides a deep, soothing heat that can increase metabolism, improve heart health, and provide a detoxifying sweat. The infrared technology allows for a more intense sweat at a lower temperature than a traditional sauna, making it a more comfortable experience.

Improved Cardiovascular Performance

Repeated exposure to infrared sauna heat can induce an increase in heart rate and cardiac output, much like a cardiovascular workout. This can lead to improved athletic endurance and overall cardiovascular health.


The BioCharger is a revolutionary technology that revitalizes the body at a cellular level. Using a combination of light, voltage, frequencies, and harmonics, the BioCharger stimulates cellular energy production, enhancing vitality and recovery.

Enhanced Recovery and Performance

BioCharger sessions can lead to improved strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity, resulting in enhanced athletic performance. It can also speed up recovery from strenuous workouts and injuries.


Normatec is a cutting-edge compression therapy system. By using patented Sequential Pulse Technology, it enhances blood flow, reduces inflammation, and speeds up recovery.

Reduced Inflammation and Faster Recovery

Normatec sessions can help reduce inflammation and speed up muscle recovery after intense training sessions, reducing downtime and keeping athletes at their best.


NovoTHOR is an innovative whole-body light therapy system. Using a unique method known as Photobiomodulation (PBM), NovoTHOR delivers red and near-infrared light to the body's tissues. This non-invasive treatment is designed to reduce pain, inflammation, and promote recovery.

Pain Relief and Enhanced Recovery

With NovoTHOR, users can experience significant pain relief, reduced fatigue, and faster recovery times. It's particularly beneficial for athletes seeking to enhance their recuperation after strenuous training and competitive events.


NuCalm is a revolutionary stress management system, designed to balance and maintain the health of your autonomic nervous system. It uses bio-signal processing technology to rapidly reduce the effects of stress and improve sleep quality.

Stress Management and Improved Sleep

The use of NuCalm leads to improved stress resilience, better sleep, increased productivity, and overall enhanced mental and physical health. It's a valuable tool for anyone seeking to balance their busy lifestyle with essential rest and recovery.


Don't miss out on your chance to experience these advanced recovery technologies! Book your slot for a Thursday session now and take the first step towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Enjoy reduced inflammation, speedier recovery, stress management, and improved sleep. Book your session now and feel the difference for yourself! Call 250-258-9496 to book in or drop in for a session.