Youth Sports Performance Workshop

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  • Youth Sports Performance Workshop

Youth Sports Performance Workshop

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Are you the parent of a youth athlete with big dreams? Are you looking to give them an extra edge on the field? Look no further! Our Youth Sports Performance Workshop is designed to supercharge your athlete’s performance!

In just three hours, we’ll help them become physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced - and primed for success. We’ll show them how to reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and focus, promote positive self-talk, and even fuel up with quality nutrition. We’ll also go into the cutting-edge field of compression therapy, neuroacoustics, and healing frequencies - so your athlete can stay in top condition.
Kristine will help equip you with tools to feel your best physically, mentally and emotionally thereby enhancing your performance both on and off the field. 
Experience guided meditation training exercises to sharpen your focus, boost your resilience, build your confidence and self-belief, and ensure you are in the zone when it matters most!
Discover easy-to-use neuroscience techniques for managing stress and anxiety to perform at your best every time.

And experience the future of recovery and rejuvenation with our state-of-the-art modalities. Explore how compression therapy, neuroacoustics, grounding, frequencies and harmonics can accelerate your recovery while keeping you in prime condition for your next game.

Athletes, you may know, who use mental training techniques to enhance their performance include:
  • Michael Jordan: This legendary basketball player uses visualization and relaxation techniques to excel under pressure.
  • Serena Williams: This tennis superstar incorporates mindfulness and meditation to maintain focus and manage stress.
  • Tom Brady: This NFL Quarterback uses meditation, goal setting and visualization to stay sharp and maintain his competitiveness.
  • Michael Phelps: This Olympian uses visualization to prepare for races and manage anxiety.
  • Tiger Woods: This golfing legend employs mental toughness and visualization to maintain his composure during high-pressure golf tournaments. 
Don't delay, book your spot for Sunday, November 19th, from 1pm-4pm. Act now and join the Youth Sports Performance Workshop community as we unlock a world of possibilities and sports success!