Kristine's Gift Guide

Welcome to our little corner of tranquility, The Recovery Spa, where relaxation meets rejuvenation. We understand that choosing the perfect gift can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don't worry - our passionate and experienced team has been hard at work curating the ultimate gift guide just for you! 


This is a collection of stories and personal experiences from our staff members who have first-hand experience with our products and services. It's what they believe can help you or your loved ones find solace, peace, and wellness. So sit back and let us guide you through this journey towards finding that perfect gift. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened, as each recommendation comes with a story, a testament to its power to transform and heal. Let's dive into Kristine's experiences, shall we?

" I've discovered a winning combination that has transformed my well-being, and I can't wait to share it with you."

Feeling overwhelmed by the stresses of daily life and in need of a little self-care and support? Look no further!

 I've discovered a winning combination that has transformed my well-being, and I can't wait to share it with you. Biocharger sessions, combined with Purica's Ashwagandha supplement, have become a couple of my favourite go-to tools for managing stress, regulating my nervous system, and enhancing my sleep.

What sets Biocharger apart are the incredible variety of recipes it offers, each tailored to address different aspects of your well-being. Lately, I've been enjoying "Happy Days," a recipe that elevates my mood and imparts a sense of tranquility. Another favorite of mine is "Violet Flame," which delivers a tingling sensation as it balances the energy flowing through my chakras, providing an incredible sense of energetic equilibrium. And when I need a bit of cleansing and pathogen-fighting power, I turn to "PurifyRecover," a meditative recipe that supports my health and helps combat any unwanted invaders like molds, bacteria, viruses, parasites, or fungus.

To complement my Biocharger sessions, I've incorporated Purica's Ashwagandha into my daily routine. This Ayurvedic Adaptogen has been a game-changer in helping me manage fatigue and stress while also improving my sleep and sharpening my focus. If you're seeking a way to nourish and care for yourself during the winter season and beyond, this dynamic duo of Biocharger sessions and Ashwagandha supplement is the perfect way to lift the weight of the world from your shoulders and give your well-being the support it deserves. Embrace the power of self-care and experience the incredible benefits of these two wellness companions today!


Over the past year, I've been on a journey to heal after a car accident left me with fairly persistent hip pain. While I've made significant progress, there are still days when the pain hits an intense eight out of ten before I even start my shift at the spa. On those tough days, I've adopted a routine to give myself some much-needed care. I arrive early and kick off my healing process with the biocharger, running recipes specifically designed to tackle inflammation, support recovery, and ease pain. If my sleep has been troubled, I add a recipe for sleep support.

Following the biocharger session, I indulge in 30 minutes of Normatec compression therapy, focusing on my hips. These modalities have become my go-to allies, consistently delivering impressive results. More often than not, by the time I'm ready to begin my shift or other daily activities, my pain has significantly subsided to a manageable two out of ten. Once home, I also use the calming lavender magnesium cream which provides even more relief. It's become a reliable part of my routine, offering a tangible way for me to take control of my healing process.

For anyone else on a recovery journey, the spa provides modalities that are medication-free and come with no unwanted side effects. The best part? The results are often immediate, providing a welcome relief for those grappling with the aftermath of injuries. 


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