Kelly's Gift Guide

 We understand that choosing the perfect gift can sometimes feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don't worry - our passionate and experienced team has been hard at work curating the ultimate gift ideas ! 


This is a collection of stories and personal experiences from our staff members who have first-hand experience with our products and services. It's what they believe can help you or your loved ones find solace, peace, and wellness. So sit back and let us guide you through this journey towards finding that perfect gift. Prepare to be inspired and enlightened, as each recommendation comes with a story, a testament to its power to transform and heal. Let's dive into Kelly's favourite services, shall we?

Let me share with you the absolute game-changer in my self-care routine – NovoTHOR! The first time I gave it a shot, it was like witnessing miracles. After enduring red eyes post-surgery for what felt like an eternity, constantly relying on eye drops was exhausting. But then, I spent just 10 minutes at NovoTHOR, and the redness disappeared like magic. It was such a relief!


And when my body is pleading for some TLC after a workout or just the strains of daily life, I turn to Normatec compression therapy. It's like a comforting embrace for my tired muscles, providing the solace they crave. 


Now, onto my supplement allies – the ones who truly understand my well-being. Purica Magnesium Bisglycinate, you bring the calm to my chaotic days. Purica Skin Care Supplement, you're my secret weapon for that healthy glow. And F2C Electrodurance, you're the pick-me-up I never knew I needed. Together, they form my daily support system for a healthier, happier me. 


NovoTHOR and my supplement trio have become my trusted companions on this wellness journey. They've added a touch of serenity and resilience to my days, and for that, I'm truly grateful. Here's to embracing self-care with a gentle and empathetic touch. 

Do you know someone who would appreciate a little TLC post workout.  Or perhaps is looking for some post-surgery recovery? 

The supplements make great stocking stuffers too!


Here are a list of the services Kelly shared.  With all our services we have linked the individual products but we also have packages of 4 too if you'd prefer.  Or you can pick up a gift card and leave the choice to them.